Our times demands trusted access to data and privacy. We invite you to explore innovation on security
mobile devices.

About the company

WHO WE ARE: Our founders have been working in cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, mobile technology, encryption, and privacy for Fortune 100 companies, government, financial institutions, high-tech organizations, healthcare, and law firms.

Now we gather great minds in pursuit of equilibrium between Usability and Security in the device we use most, our mobile device.


Breaches are no longer a binary proposition where an organization either has or hasn’t been breached.

For a variety of reasons, companies find it difficult to improve the security of their mobile devices.

Organizations lack the ability to secure valuable data.

Lacking policies that define the acceptable use of mobile devices in the workplace.


Traditional mobile devices weren’t built thinking in security and privacy, or even in environments like enterprises or governments. Businesses and Organizations have been left behind to feel that breaches are common and that in any time they will happen, putting vast amounts of private information at risk.

Option41 rethinks how privacy and security can be achieved on an uncomplicated and user-friendly device. Option41 was designed to build a 360 degree solution protecting the user from all known and unknown mobile threat vectors.

Encrypted and hardened OS

Hardened Kernel and Libraries. Maximum control on running apps and services. Strong Encryption mechanism and extraction prevention.

Central management console

Real-time monitoring security posture and risk levels. Control over permissions and organization policies. 24/7 security alerts. Secure updates and management. Cloud based solution or on premise.


Cutting- edge hardware. Fast OTA updated and patching. Great collections of Apps.

Secure communications

Secure End to End Encryption Voice and messaging

Cybersecurity awareness

User education and awareness through built in app. User cybersecurity awareness tests. Reports and Metrics on compliance.

Built in secured customized applications

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